TourGo wholesale twinkling White Portable wedding Dance Floor 8ft by 8ft

TourGo wholesale twinkling White Portable wedding Dance Floor 8ft by 8ft

The white LED starlit and starlight dance floor is what everyone is talking about. Finished in a stunning gloss white with hundreds of dazzling star lights this dance floor really brings style and sophistication to any event from a wedding to corporate launch.

The white LED dance floor is so versatile with the option to leave the star lights static or they can flash and twinkle at the press of a button. You can even slow the lights down or speed them up to the beat of the music. One nice touch that we find when hiring to weddings is that the speed of the lights can match the speed of your first dance which makes a beautiful effect and sets a very romantic atmosphere.

The most important thing to us is that for every event we supply a starlit or star light dance floor to we make sure it is in pristine condition and that you are completely happy. If you are after a perfect area to dance then you really can’t go wrong with the amazing white starlit dance floor.

Each section is 2ft by 2ft so can make a perfect square or rectangle when locked together. We start floors at 8ft by 8ft and continue up to any size you can fit in at your event.


Component Specification:

Full Panel121.6 X 60.8 X 2.848 X 24 X 1.061126.40lbs
Half Panel60.8 X 60.8 X 2.824 X 24 X 1.06613.20lbs
Full Edge121.6 X 12.5 X 2.848 X 5 X1.0612.86lbs
Half Edge60.8 X 12.5 X 2.824 X 5 X 1.0611.54lbs
R/L Corners37.8 X 12.5 X 2.814.9 X 5 X 1.0611.10lbs

led Starlit dance floor details photos display :

2x2ft White starlit dance floor panels :

2ftx2ft dance floor panels.jpg

2x4ft White starlit dance floor panels :

2ftx4ft dance floor panels.jpg

2×2 ft White starlit dance floor panels back view :

2ftx2ft back of floor panels.jpg

2×4 ft White starlit dance floor panels back view :

starlit dance floor13.jpg

Starlit dance floor power supplier & remoter control :

starlit dance floor62.jpg

Starlit dance floor stage edging :

aluminum edging.jpg




starlit dance floor72.jpg

portable led twinkling white dance floor specification

Voltage: 36V ;Consumption: 4W
LED Qty:16/ 32 Pieces W/R/G/B/Y color
Lamps:High Brightness SMD5050 Lamps
Controller: Remote
Channel:1 (twinkling effect, Speed adjusted by remote)
Weight: 6KG /12KG;Size:2*2FT / 2*4FT
Panels: Durable Acryllc Top surface with PVC/ABS Plastic Back
Advantage:The panels can be easily to disassembly and replace the LED lighting inside;

Size Suggestion :

12ft x 12ft – Suitable for upto 35-45 dancers

14ft x 14ft – Suitable for upto 45-55 dancers

16ft x 16ft – Suitable for upto 60-70 dancers

18ft x 18ft – Suitable for upto 75-90 dancers

20ft x 20ft – Suitable for upto 95-110 dancers

22ft x 22ft – Suitable for upto 115-135 dancers

24ft x 24ft – Suitable for upto 140-160 dancers

26ft x 26ft – Suitable for upto 165-190 dancers

28ft x 28ft – Suitable for upto 195-220 dancers

30ft x 30ft – Suitable for upto 225-250 dancers

White Starlit Dance floor Size:

NO.Feet SizeMetric SizeQuantity NeededWeightVolume
TG-DF-W8x88*8 Feet2.44M*2.44M46133.000.48 
TG-DF-W8x128*12 Feet2.44M*3.66M410210.000.70 
TG-DF-W10x1010*10 Feet3.05M*3.05M10 210.000.70 
TG-DF-W12x1012*10 Feet3.66M*3.05M12 280.001.20 
TG-DF-W12x1212*12 Feet3.66M*3.66M15 339.001.25 
TG-DF-W14x1214*12 Feet4.27M*3.66M18 379.001.37 
TG-DF-W14x1414*14 Feet4.27M*4.27M21 429.001.58 
TG-DF-W16x1416*14 Feet4.87M*4.27M25 497.001.73 
TG-DF-W16x1616*16 Feet4.87M*4.87M28 551.001.91 
TG-DF-W18x1418*14 Feet5.48M*4.27M28 545.001.94 
TG-DF-W18x1618*16 Feet5.48M*4.87M32 608.002.17 
TG-DF-W18x1818*18 Feet5.48M*5.48M36 690.002.42 
TG-DF-W20x1620*16 Feet6.09M*4.87M36 684.002.39 
TG-DF-W20x1820*18 Feet6.09M*5.48M41 744.002.39 
TG-DF-W20x2020*20 Feet6.09M*6.09M10 45 842.002.94 
TG-DF-W22x1622*16 Feet6.70M*4.87M40 737.002.50 
TG-DF-W22x1822*18 Feet6.70M*5.48M45 840.003.00 
TG-DF-W22x2022*20 Feet6.70M*6.09M10 50 907.003.00 
TG-DF-W22x2222*22 Feet6.70M*6.70M11 55 991.003.50 
TG-DF-W24x1824*18 Feet7.31M*5.48M50 894.003.00 
TG-DF-W24x2024*20 Feet7.31M*6.09M10 55 982.003.50 
TG-DF-W24x2224*22 Feet7.31M*6.70M10 61 1,076.003.50 
TG-DF-W24x2424*24 Feet7.31M*7.31M12 66 1,171.004.10 
TG-DF-W26x2026*20 Feet7.92M*6.09M10 60 1,064.003.58 
TG-DF-W26x2226*22 Feet7.92M*6.70M11 66 1,163.004.07 
TG-DF-W26x2426*24 Feet7.92M*7.31M12 72 1,283.004.65 
TG-DF-W26x2626*26 Feet7.92M*7.92M13 78 1,377.004.50 
TG-DF-W28x2428*24 Feet8.51M*7.31M12 78 1,371.004.50 
TG-DF-W28x2628*26 Feet8.51M*7.92M12 85 1,479.005.22 


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